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Bozeman Reel Giveaway

Bozeman Reel Giveaway
Tell us your fishing tale for a chance at winning a brand-new RS 729 Bozeman Reel. All Bozeman Reels come with Boca Bearings. Link to the giveaway: Make sure… 2014-12-18 17:48:50

Twin Serpents sizzle reel

Twin Serpents sizzle reel
2012-06-22 18:54:10

Amundson TCP450 Fishing Reel Bearing Installation

Amundson TCP450 Fishing Reel Bearing Installation
…in a Amundson TCP450 Fishing Reel. More information on Boca Fishing Reel Bearings can be found here:… 2017-12-08 21:53:31

Boca Bearings Reel Maintenance and Upkeep

Boca Bearings Reel Maintenance and Upkeep
Reel tips and maintenance with Hai Truong. Lightning lube grease and high speed oil used. Website: 2015-05-26 14:34:53
…one piece cages and BOCA ceramic bearing upgrades for the 7HT MAG family of Daiwa reels. Upgrade your MAG-ST OR make your standard 7HT MAG as fast as the supertuned-the mono…
2015-06-16 10:48:25
My ball bearing power handles VS stock ABU power handles
2015-06-16 15:27:02
Our Reel Giveaway is still going strong! We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of our favorite Curado 70 reel! Send us a photo (submit to the link below) of your favorite fishing…
2016-07-21 16:01:24
…as the winner of a new RS 729 Bozeman Reel. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on January 16th, 2015.All Bozeman reels have Boca Bearings in them.Click the link…
2015-01-09 12:10:00

Q: How do I properly spin test my fishing reel bearings before installation?

A: We always suggest testing ceramic bearings by putting them under load. Fishing reel bearings are relatively small and ceramic is much lighter than steel so there is just not…

Q: Can the seals be removed from lightning ceramic bearings for maintenance?

…let us know the make and model of your reel and we will let you know if the shields are removable for the specific bearing for your reel. You can take a look at this page on our…