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Servo Bearings


How to replace Mugen mbx6 eco servo saver bearings

How to replace Mugen mbx6 eco servo saver bearings
Walter demonstrates how to replace the servo saver bearings in Mugen MBX6 Eco. Bearings used in the installation are SMR106C-2YS NB2 Like us on Facebook… 2012-04-02 14:34:35


…an educational exhibit as well as a contest entry. The HiTech servos used in the drawing arm contain a ball bearing output shaft for positive centering and reliability. Though,… 2014-08-28 16:00:01

Inferno Robotics Corp

Inferno Robotics Corp
To celebrate their 25th year in business the Boca Bearing Company is giving away over $20,000 in cash and prizes as part of their Innovation Contest. Help your favorite project win… 2012-06-22 18:47:00
…Body, Boca Bearings (Green Seals), Xpert Servo SI-4431, Viper VTX 10R ‘BE’ ESC Tekno SCT410.3Pro-Line F-11 wheels, Pro-Line Electrons (MC), Pro-Line EVO Body, Boca Bearings (Green…
2015-11-18 19:00:00
…that allow me to represent them: Pro-Line Racing, Viper R/C Solutions, Boca Bearings, Xpert Servos and Bullit Performance R/C hobby shop in Raleigh, NC. Thank you for your…
2015-05-30 17:00:02
…classes.Thanks to all my great sponsors! Pro-Line Racing, Bullit Performance R/C Hobby Shop, Viper R/C Solutions, Boca Bearings, Xpert Servos and Sire Screen Printing.Kevin Thomas
2015-05-01 19:00:01
…podium. My Tekno SCT410.3 is fairly stock with the exception of my bearings, which I upgraded with Boca Bearing green seals. My short course truck was capped off with a Pro-Line…
2015-10-09 19:00:00
…managers for allowing me to represent their companies: Pro-Line, Maclan, Xpert Servos, Boca Bearings, BoomRC, Venom Batteries and Bullit Performance R/C Hobby Shop in Raleigh, NC.…