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Tlr Bearing


How to upgrade your Team Losi TLR 22 gear bearings

How to upgrade your Team Losi TLR 22  gear bearings
David demonstrates how to upgrade Team Losi TLR 22 gear bearings. Product used: 57-240C-YU 2011-09-12 15:49:31
…the highlights for me this year. I have been using the same orange seal clutch bearings for my Tlr 3.0 and 3.0 truggy.I have one big race left at the MotoDome in Mn. then our…
2014-11-08 15:00:00
This past weekend was the 3rd round of the JBRL series which was held at the new SDRC Raceway facility in San Diego, California.The track layout was yet another premier racing…
2015-05-28 19:00:00
…place in the E-Buggy division.I am very happy with the green seal Boca bearings, I have already upgraded my TLR SCTE 2.0 and Pro-2 SC trucks and will be upgrading touring car and…
2015-07-24 19:00:00
…ceramic BOCA bearings. David would also finish in 3rd place with his Orion powered Team Losi Racing 22-4 with Pro-Line MC Prime's and yellow seal ceramic bearings in the highly…
2016-03-31 17:30:00