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Boca Bearings: How to use calipers and measure bearings

Boca Bearings: How to use calipers and measure bearings
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Full Ceramic Bearings For Industrial Applications
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How To Tie a Drop Shot: Brinson Reed (5)
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Digital calipers are your best friend when it comes to taking accurate measurements of small objects.
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…racing.  After several weeks of thinking, I decided the best thing to do would be to try using ceramic bearings.  I checked out different sources and found Boca Bearings offered…
…off with new cars and a few unexpected sponsors! I am now running for Nemo Racing USA, using agama cars beta tires and bullitt motors. Will be rolling on Boca Bearings as soon as…

Q: How should the Orange Seal bearings be handled before being used?

A: All Orange Seal bearings with an LD (lube dry) in the part number are supplied dry, without grease or oil. AF2 in the part number means light oil and NB2 in the part number…

Q: How often should I clean and lube them and what lube should I use?

A: The only bearings that need to be lubed occasionally are the metal shielded bearings, and they need to be cleaned every 4 - 5 races depending on the length of each race.

Q: Also, can the greased bearings be used out the box, or should they be treated before use?

A: Yes, the stocked greased bearings can be used as is and will give you great performance.

Q: Are Orange Seal Bearings maintenance free?

…most fishing enthusiasts use oil as lubrication it is very difficult to retain it in the bearing even with seals. The seals will prolong the use of the bearing before re-oiling…