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Solar Charged RC Lawn Mower

Solar Charged RC Lawn Mower
…20W 12v solar panels attached, a rechargeable electric lawn mower, two electric wheelchair motors, and other electronics. This project was built to help reduce the carbon footprint… 2012-06-19 20:00:14
A group of teenage entrepreneurs from Virginia have created a prototype for a device that will be life-enhancing for wheelchair users. Stephen Campbell is one
2015-06-01 14:24:29
…Renzo Martinez took 1st place in the 2012 Miami ING Marathon. It was Renzo's 43rd marathon and his 4th first place win. Renzo competes in the male push rim wheelchair division.
2012-02-02 16:41:20
…finishing third (3rd) as he used ceramic bearings from Boca Bearings in his racing wheelchair and hand-cycle. "I believe they made me faster, which is always a good thing." Jacob…
2015-05-11 11:53:54
…race in Deerfield Beach. I finished in first place with the course record for the wheelchair division. Sunday morning was a really great day for racing, not too windy and not too…
2013-10-10 15:33:37