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Xray Nt1

The season in the UK is just starting up. Picture shows the Xray NT1 ready for replacing the original bearings with Boca Bearings, ceramic orange seal ABEC 7.Cleaned them with…
2015-04-19 19:00:01
XRAY NT1 almost ready to go for the Euro Nitro Series in Fiorona, Italy. See the Ceramic Orange seal Abec 7 bearings.I used these for a year now and the car is still very free.I…
2015-01-26 19:00:01
I have now been using Boca Bearings in my XRAY NT1 since the beginning of the year.I use the Ceramic orange seal Abec 7 bearings and have not had a problem with any so far.Regular…
2014-11-22 15:00:01
I replaced all the bearings in the Xray NT1 with Orange Ceramic, ready for the 1st National in the UK.Also replaced the bearings in my qualifying and finals engine with Ceramic.The…
2014-05-09 09:00:00