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Fidget Spinner Bearing Spin Time Comparison

Fidget Spinner Bearing Spin Time Comparison
In this video we take a look at how different bearings effect the performance of a fidget spinner. Our results concluded that although the full ceramic bearing spun only for a… 2017-06-01 14:33:46


Our friend Matt having the time of his life fishing in Baja. We bet he'll be having the best Ceviche south of the border. Enjoy Matt! Find the bearings here:… 2022-05-31 16:37:54

How to locate fish on a new body of water tips for high school anglers

How to locate fish on a new body of water tips for high school anglers
Tips from the video will work any time of the year, except for winter. Winter is an extremely tough period of time to fish, you really have to slow it down, even more so than most… 2015-11-20 14:07:13

Search for Dark Matter: Xenon Project

Search for Dark Matter: Xenon Project
…dark matter. The detectors must be very precise and able to run for long periods of time without maintenance. Boca Bearings is working with the Xenon Project to provide the… 2015-10-19 19:32:34
I have been able to race 3 times so far this year. 2 races for the RcPro series and 1 for the grand reopening of Thornhill Racing Circuit. Pro E Buggy I have been able to finish a…
…lot of new faces at the races, so it looks promising for this season! I didn’t had much time to build jumps, as it was a bit “last minute” but overall, it was a fun day, testing…
…make to my son Jonathan’s driving times. It was evident from the first lap that these bearings resulted in more consistent and faster lap times. Mission accomplished and thank you…
…OK. Then we started the Shaws Points Series at Shaws RC in Ardmore, OK. For the first time, I ran in the Pro Classes. I ran Pro4 SCT, Pro EBuggy, and ETruggy. I had a really good…

Q: How long does it take to break in a bearing?

…weight oil. As a result the bearing generally will not free spin to the touch. Over time as the lube thins out, and warms up during each use, the bearing will become much freer.…

Q: When should I replace my bearings?

…or notchie to the touch, they should be replaced. When bearings sit idle for a long time they must be protected from any and all moisture. This is a common problem when storing…

Q: Are greased bearings lubed for the life of the bearing?

…always need lubrication to have a long life and lubrication will always be reduced over time as it will dissipate with use. How fast the lubrication dissipates varies greatly…

Q: I noticed that your Green Seal RC Car & Truck Bearings are "maintenance free and lubed for the life of the bearing." Would these bearings still be maintenance free if run in wet conditions, or even submerged in water?

…submerged for a length of time it could result in corrosion and subsequent failure. As long as the seals are kept intact they will last you a long time without maintenance. If you…