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RC Car & Truck Green Seal Bearing kits have been an industry standard for many years and are specially designed for off-road or excessively dirty driving environments. These ABEC #1 bearings are maintenance free and lubed for the life of the bearing. The heavy duty rubber seal provides extra protection against the harshest elements. All Green Seal bearings are packed in grease and will require a short break in period to loosen up.
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4 Reviews
    Reviewer : Jason Flowery
    Date : 1/24/2013
    I installed a set of these green seal bearing in my Losi 10SCTE to replace some stock worn bearings. I now have 5 races on them now and decided to check them. They are like new! Still the same ultra smoothness as they were when they came out of the package! No wobble on the inner race of the bearings nice and tight. These bearings I see as becoming one of my favorites for RC. I cannot wait to try the yellow or orange seal ones, if these green seal bearings with standard steel balls are still perfect after 5 races I bet the yellow or orange seal ones are even better! Thank you BOCA Bearing!!!!
    Reviewer : Mark
    Date : 4/23/2013
    My Drive line was getting sloppy, out drives had a lot of sloppy movement in it. installed a new set of green seals, problem is gone. the bearings feel tight when you first install them from the grease. a couple of laps and they spin very free and smooth. would recommend these to any racers that want a quality upgrade from stock without breaking the bank.
    Reviewer : Aaron
    Date : 4/26/2013
    I thought Boca bearings was great to deal with and they have an awesome product and very reasonable and fast shipping.
    Reviewer : Marc
    Date : 5/16/2013

    WOW!!!!! You guys are the greatest!!!! I'm a auto mechanic by trade and just got back into the rc scene from being gone for about 15 years. I have known about your company for many years and have used your products and seen them used in many different applications with above and beyond performance! That's why I choose you when I went to buy my replacement bearings for my Losi. Dealing with parts warranties throughout my job is hard most of the time and frankly a pain in the butt! I'm sure you all know up there! But to hear this from you has my Jaw hitting the floor! I will be buying from you guys forever!!! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING anybody has a need for bearings I will definitely tell them about BOCA!!!! Again I'm thankful and you have my up most Respect!!!

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