Electric Motor Bearings

Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) Bearings

Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) Bearings

Electric Motor (EMQ) bearings are designed with a particular noise quality standard. Boca Bearings offers a full line of Electric Motor Quality bearings from ABEC #1 - #5. We offer 6200 and 6300 series as well as 6212, 6220 and 6311 sizes. If you do not see a particular size please inquire directly. Noise tested to strict specifications.

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  • Stainless Steel Series

    Stainless Steel 440C Series Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) Bearings contain a martensitic-type stainless steel used extensively in bearing applications that require hadrness, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and toughness. Stainless Steel 440C is resistant to corrosion from fresh water, steam, crude oil, gasoline, perspiration, alcohol, blood and food stuffs. Stainless Steel does contain some carbon so it is still slightly magnetic and may eventually rust.

  • Ceramic Hybrid Series

    Ceramic Hybrid Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) bearings have steel races and ceramic balls. Ceramic balls are suitable for applications where high loads, high speeds and extreme temperatures are factors. Long life and the need for minimal lubrication make this material appropriate for extreme applications. Ceramic is non-porous, non-magnetic, non corrosive and lighter than steel. In ball form, ceramic balls are also harder than steel and because ceramic balls are non-porous they are virtually frictionless and capable of spinning faster than steel balls.

  • Chrome Steel Series

    Chrome Steel 52100 Series Electric Motor Qulaity (EMQ) bearings contain chromium and, due to thorough hardening, have excellent surface quality and high load capability. 52100 Chrome Steel Radial Bearings are a universal material for many applications. Chrome Steel is magentic.