Fidget Spinner Bearings

Fidget Spinner Bearings

Fidget Spinner Bearings

There are a limitless variety of fidget spinners out there, but one thing is true for them all. Fidget spinners require smooth and long lasting bearings. We offer standard, ceramic hybrid, and full ceramic bearings to enable you to achieve the longest, and smoothest spin times possible. Boca Bearings recommends removing the grease from bearings as it will slow down your spinner; a complimentary service upon request. We also recommend metal shielded bearings or open bearings because rubber seals tend to cause friction that is less than ideal. 

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  • Ceramic Hybrid

    Cearmic Hybrid Bearings are perfectly designed for fidget spinners.. These Ceramic hybrid bearings have stainless steel races, retainers and shields with ceramic balls. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, have less rolling resistance and can increase the spin times of the average fidget spinner significantly. To further reduce rolling resistance grease or oil can be removed upon request.

  • Standard

    Econo Power Steel bearing are the most affordable way to replace stock bearings with high quality standard bearings. These bearings have chrome steel races, balls, retainers and shields. All Econo Power bearings are packed in grease and will require a short break in period to loosen up. Grease can also be removed upon request. 

  • Full Ceramic

    Full Cearmic Bearings are the perfect bearings for fidget spinners.. These bearings have ceramic balls and ceramic races. Ceramic is lighter, has less rolling resistance and will help get the maximum spin time out of the average spinner. These full ceramic bearings come without lubrication, and are ready to go.