Fishing Reel Bearings

Fishing Reel Bearings | RAVEN, MATRIX XL - CENTERPIN

Fishing Reel Bearings | RAVEN, MATRIX XL - CENTERPIN

The Boca Bearing Company has been an industry leader in fishing reel bearing replacement for over 20 years. Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been our hallmark. We have developed a full range of aftermarket fishing reel bearings for all the leading reel manufacturers including Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, Abu Garcia and many more.

Standard & Ceramic Hybrid, Stainless Steel fishing reel bearings are available in ABEC 5 & ABEC 7 for all of the popular fishing reels. Ceramic by its nature is lighter than steel by about 2/3 the wieght, it is harder than steel when it is in ball form and it is virtually frictionless because it is non-porous. A ceramic hybrid bearing has steel races with ceramic balls. The balls will never corrode or rust.

To make things easier for you we have compiled bearing kits and listed them according to the manufacturer and model of the fishing reels that the bearings will fit. Just click on Search By Fishing Reel Brand or use the Brand Search at the top of any page. 

You can also print (on regular printer paper), our fishing reel bearing size chart HERE and use it to match and find the size of your bearings. 

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  • #FR-069

    SKU: #FR-069

    Econo Fishing Reel Bearing Kit. Our Economy line of Fishing Reel bearings are intended to be the most affordable way to replace stock bearings. These bearings are ABEC #5 with stainless steel races, balls, retainers and shields. All Econo fishing reel bearings are supplied dry, no grease or oil. Lube can be added upon request.
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  • #FR-069C-OS LD

    SKU: #FR-069C-OS LD

    Stainless Steel, Ceramic Hybrid, Orange Sealed bearings are specially designed for any application seeking a high precision, free spinning bearing. These are the true secret weapon for serious rc racers and long distance casters. ABEC 7 tolerances makes the Orange Seal line the closest precision tolerance that Boca Bearings has to offer. The removable, non-contact rubber seals results in a bearing with less drag and that requires less maintenance than a typical shielded bearing. The Grade 5 ceramic Si3N4 balls will allow the bearing to be lighter and spin 50% faster than a traditional steel bearing. LD = Lube Dry Bearings have been clean and are free of all grease and Oils. Kit (2) SMR147C-2OS #7 LD (2)
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  • #FR-069C-Y LD

    SKU: #FR-069C-Y LD

    Ceramic Lightning Fishing Reel Bearing Kit. Our Ceramic Lightning line of Fishing Reel bearings are intended to be an upgrade replacement to stock bearings. These bearings are ABEC #5, ceramic balls with stainless steel races, retainers and shields. Ceramic will never corrode, has less rolling resistance and is lighter and than steel. As a result ceramic bearings last longer and cast longer.
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