Multi-Rotor Bearings

Multi-Rotor Bearings | SCORPION, HK-4025-630 - 630 KV

Multi-Rotor Bearings | SCORPION, HK-4025-630 - 630 KV

Mulit-rotor technology has exploded and Boca Bearings is happy to be able to offer after market and replacement bearings for all of the most popular multi-rotor models. The Boca Bearing company specializes in steel and ceramic miniature bearings. Boca Bearings never has a minimum order and is a one stop shop for everything from prototyping to production. Whether you are looking for affordability, longevity or high speed, Boca Bearings has just the bearing for you.

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    RC Brushless Motor ABEC 5 stainless steel bearing kits have stainless steel races, retainers, shields and balls. All RC Brushless Motor bearings are packed in grease and will require a short break in period to loosen up. Grease can be removed before shipping upon request.
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