Bicycle Bearings

Bicycle Bearings | TREK BIKE, MADONE 2008 - BOTTOM BRACKET

Bicycle Bearings | TREK BIKE, MADONE 2008 - BOTTOM BRACKET

The Boca Bearing Company is proud to announce the new Lightning Bearing Technology (LBT) line of deep groove, ceramic bicycle bearings for hubs, bottom brackets, headsets and pivot points. Ceramic by its nature is lighter than steel by about 2/3 the weight, it is harder than steel when it is in ball form and it is virtually frictionless because it is non-porous. A ceramic hybrid bearing has steel races with ceramic balls and a full ceramic bearing has ceramic races and balls. Miniature full ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings are particularly well suited to both competitive and recreational bicycle applications.

The Boca Bearing Company have been an industry leader in ceramic bearing technology since 1987. Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been our hallmark. We offer a full line of miniature, deep groove, standard, full ceramic & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically suited to bicycles. Various ABEC tolerances, radial plays, retainer styles and seal/shield configurations are available. To make things easier for you we have compiled bearing kits and listed them according to the manufacturer and model of the bike component that the bearings will fit. Just click on Search By Bike Brand or use the Brand Search at the top of any page.

You can also print (on regular printer paper), our bike bearing size chart HERE and use it to match and find the size of your bearings. 

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    Our Stainless Rubber Seal line of bike bearings are specially designed for Off Road or excessively dirty riding environments. These bearings are maintenance free and lubed for the life of the bearing and an affordable way to replace stock bearings. The heavy duty rubber seal provides extra protection against the harshest elements. All sealed bearings are packed in grease and will require short break in period to loosen up.
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    Full Ceramic Peekaboo5 bike bearing kits are specially designed for competitive on-road or off-road riders looking for the absolute least amount of rolling resistance. Peekaboo5 bearings have high precision, grade 5, silicon nitride ceramic balls, Zirconia ceramic ABEC 5 races, a high speed Peek retainer, no friction peek seals and Boca's exclusive low friction grease. Full ceramic bearings are virtually frictionless and roughly half the weight of a steel bearing.
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