F1 in Schools Bearings

F1 in Schools Bearings

F1 in Schools Bearings

If you are looking to destroy the competition in your next F1 in Schools or CO2 powered race then our F1 in Schools bearings are just what you need. When used with your wheels, these miniature, high speed bearings will provide superior performance. You can choose between ceramic hybrid and full ceramic bearings. Because CO2 powered racing requires the deep groove bearings to be as friction free as possible ceramic is the best way to achieve that end. The reduction of rolling resistance and conservation of energy has been our hallmark since 1987. Because ceramic is non-porous it has a glass like surface and has a substantially lower coeficient of friction tha a traditional steel bearing. Be sure to keep a few extra spare bearings on hand for that all important competition day.






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  • Ceramic Hybrid

    F1 in Schools Ceramic Lightning Econo Power Bearings are specially designed for competitive CO2 racing. These Ceramic Lightning bearings have stainless steel races, retainers and shields with ceramic balls. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, have less rolling resistance and can sustain higher operating temperatures than traditional bearings. To further reduce rolling resistance grease or oil can be removed upon request.
  • Full Ceramic

    Full Ceramic F1 in Schools bearings are specially designed for CO2 powered competitors looking for the absolute least amount of rolling resistance. Full Ceramic bearings have high precision, grade 5, silicon nitride ceramic balls, Zirconia ceramic ABEC 5 races, a high speed Peek retainer, no friction peek seals and Boca's exclusive low friction grease. Full ceramic bearings are virtually frictionless and roughly half the weight of a steel bearing. To further reduce rolling resistance grease or oil can be removed upon request.