One Way (Anti-Reverse)

One Way (Anti-Reverse)

One Way (Anti-Reverse)

Boca Bearings has been a trusted source of anti-reverse, or one way bearings, for many Fishing Reel brands from all around the world. The Anti-reverse feature is found on many different reels but it is most common on Fly Reels and Spinning Reels. The Anti-Reverse feature prevents the reel from turning backwards and engages the drag. Mini One Way Fishing Reel Clutch Bearings are capable of idling in one direction while establishing gear engagement in the other direction. One way Clutch Bearings are commonly referred to as Anti-Reverse bearings when fitted into a fishing reel.


Instant anti-reverses use a roller bearing for immediate engagement unlike a multi stop style reel which relies on a series of teeth. The gaps between the teeth of a multi stop anti-reverse feature will result in back play thus delaying hooksets.


  • -Keeps anglers from accidentally reeling backwards, and letting out line when they intend to bring it in.
  • -Prevents the rotor from moving backwards instantaneously insuring solid hooksets.
  • -Eliminates line twists and birds nests when opening the bail while dropping the downrigger.
  • -Helps for "back-reeling" rather than allowing the drag to fight the fish. 

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