Ceramic Dental Tool Berarings

Dental Tool Bearings

Dental Tool Bearings

Miniature bearings for dental tools are typically designed with high speed, high temperature and reliability in mind. The Boca Bearing Company specializes in miniature, precision, high speed, high heat bearings. There are two basic types of dental ball bearings depending on the type of work that the tool is designed for. The first type is the Miniature Radial, Deep Groove Bearing and the second type is the Thrust Bearing. Miniature Radial, Deep Groove Bearings are designed for working in deep grooves and for angled dental surfaces. Radial Bearings have an inner ring, an outer ring, a series of balls and typically a cage to contain the balls. The second type of dental ball bearing is the miniature Thrust Bearing. This type of bearing is used for side or thrust loads. Thrust Bearings use balls, rollers or needles. In addition to these working surfaces they also typically have a ring and a seating surface. Using ceramic bearings in your dental hand piece will allow it to last up to 30% longer than standard steel bearings. For more information about repairing your dental hand piece see here for an excellent Dental Hand Piece Repair blog. 


Choosing the Right Bearings For Dental Handpieces 

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  • Ceramic Hybrid Series

    Boca Bearings has an assortment of ceramic hybrid dental tool bearings. Dental tool bearings are designed for high speed and reliability. Hybrid bearings have steel races and Si3N4 ceramic balls. Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ceramic Balls are formed from a new material suitable for applications where high loads, high speeds and extreme temeratures are factors. Silicon Nitirde is non-porous, non-magentic, non corrosive, lighter than steel and, in ball form, is harder than steel. Because ceramic balls are non-porous they are virtually frictionless and are capable of spinning faster than steel balls.

  • Stainless Steel Series

    Boca Bearings has an assortment of stainless steel Dental Tool Bearings. Dental tool bearings are designed for high speed and reliability. Stainless Steel 440C contains a martensitic-type stainless steel used extensively in bearing applications that require hadrness, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and toughness. Stainless Steel does contain some carbon so it is slightly magnetic.