Precision Ground Bearings

Precision Ground Bearings

Precision Ground Bearings

The Precision Ground Series bearings are for applications that require a larger range of tolerances. Boca Bearing now has a full range of 1600 (9900), 7500-DLG, and 7600-DLG Series bearings for quick, off the shelf delivery in Standard and Stainless Steel, and Ceramic Hybrids. In the past these series have been hard to find. Precision ground bearings are essential for various industries, including automotive, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and electronics, enhancing the efficiency and durability of critical systems. At Boca Bearings, we offer a comprehensive range of ready to ship precision ground bearings, in both steel and ceramic hybrid, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.  Explore our range of precision ground bearings today and discover why the Boca Bearing Company is the trusted choice for industry professionals worldwide.

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  • 9900 Series (Formerly 1600 Series)

    Our 9900 Series (Formerly the 1600 series) bearings are engineered for optimal performance and durability, suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive, industrial machinery, automation, and home appliances. Offered in stainless steel, chrome steel, ceramic hybrid and full ceramic as well as both shielded and sealed versions. These bearings are known for their robust construction, excellent load-carrying capacity, and smooth operation, ensuring reliable performance under various conditions. At Boca Bearings, we are committed to providing top-notch products sourced from leading manufacturers, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and reliability. Explore our selection of 990 series bearings today and experience the difference in performance and longevity.

  • 7600-DLG Series

    Our 7600 DLG series bearings are specifically engineered for demanding applications in industries such as automation, heavy machinery, automotive, and industrial equipment. These bearings are distinguished by their robust construction, extended inner rings on both sides, groove and snap ring, locking set screws, shields or seals are available as well as both steel and ceramic hybrid versions. These features ensure higher load capacity, and exceptional longevity. The 7600 DLG series is designed to perform reliably under extreme conditions, offering excellent resistance to shock and vibration. Discover our range of 7600 DLG series bearings and enhance the efficiency and durability of your equipment.


  • 7500-DLG Series

    Our 7500 DLG series bearings are meticulously designed for applications requiring high precision and reliability, such as automotive, robotics, automation, and precision machinery. These bearings feature advanced design elements such as a slightly extended inner ring and a groove and snap ring, shields or seals are available as well as both steel and ceramic hybrid versions. These features ensure exceptional load-bearing capacity, high-speed performance, and smooth operation. The 7500 DLG series stands out for its enhanced durability and resistance to wear, making it ideal for high-stress environments. Explore our selection of 7500 DLG series bearings and experience the superior performance they bring to your applications.