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As RC drivers continue their quest for more speed and better performance, the clutch bell is a constant source of problems due to excessive heat buildup. The heat levels cause the steel balls to expand and subjects the retainer to a tremendous amount of abuse, as a result the bearings fail prematurely. For the expert driver looking for the best performance the ideal solution to the retainer issue is to do away with it altogether. Our full complement, ceramic hybrid bearing is the ultimate clutch bell bearing designed with the serious racer in mind. These Ceramic Hybrid bearings come with top of the line Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls, which are several times harder than steel and are virtually frictionless. Because Ceramic is impervious to heat there are no issues with the balls expanding as temperatures rise giving this bearing a life expectancy of 5 times that of a standard bearing. KIT (4) SMR105C-ZZ/FC, bg (5x10x4mm)
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