#FBK103C-YZZ #5 LD

#FBK103C-YZZ #5 LD
#FBK103C-YZZ #5 LD

3 x 10 x 4 Millimeters

12 Reviews


Fishing Reel Ceramic Lightning Econo Power Four Pack Lube Dry
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12 Reviews
    Reviewer : Ben Dungca
    Date : 12/2/2010
    Reels spin better although a little louder.
    Reviewer : William
    Date : 5/14/2012
    Just wanted to let you know got my bearings in my reels and couldnt be happier, they perform flawlessly thanks for the great service will definately be ordering some more
    Reviewer : Bud
    Date : 5/16/2012
    I was very pleased with the speed in which my order was processed and delivered. The communication was also very efficient. The items arrived in good condition because they were well packaged. The products are already living up to the reputation of the Boca Bearing name. Thanks for a great product and handling my order so efficiently.
    Reviewer : Arnold
    Date : 6/25/2012
    Thanks for the bearings, they are working great in all the reels i put them in!
    Reviewer : Bud
    Date : 7/23/2012
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN&quot;>
    &quot;I have recently super-tuned a <a
    Curado CU200B</a> and 50e. After I completed the project there
    was a noticeable difference, but I wasn't happy with the outcome. I
    came accross some info on the web about upgrading to the Ceramic Boca
    Bearings. I went to Boca's site and ordered the bearings which I
    received in a couple of days (very fast shipping). After installing the
    bearings there was a significant improvement in overall performance and
    smoothness. I am pleased to say the Boca Bearings completed the Super
    Tuning process and made it worthwhile. Check out <a
    href=&quot;http://www.bocabearings.com/&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>www.bocabearings.com</a>
    to see what they might offer for your next project.&quot;



    Reviewer : John
    Date : 9/13/2012
    Delivered promptly and at a fair price. Keep up the good work BOCA!
    Reviewer : Jimmy
    Date : 5/28/2013
    Shipping was fast and the bearings are better than expected. My curado 200e7 was freespooling 15 seconds and with the boca abec 5s alone it went to 1 min 20 secs.
    Reviewer : Jason
    Date : 6/11/2013
    Thanks for the help with getting the right size bearings I need and can't wait to try them out on my next fishing trip. Take care!
    Reviewer : P. Davis
    Date : 7/25/2013
    My original order was for some ABEC 5 kits to go into some Pfleuger reels that felt like they were full of peanut butter. Boca bearings cured that problem in spades. Now I just have to be very careful about my casting adjustments. Distance is much better, and close in work is effortless with the new bearings.

    Along with the above order I also purchased the spool pin tool�just about the best idea since sliced bread. No more worries about buggering up the pin and having to order another whole spool assembly with a bearing installed that you were trying to replace in the beginning.

    I�m sure that the ABEC 7 bearings are a step above the 5�s in performance, but the 5�s are such a transformation over the original bearings, that I�m quite satisfied for now.
    Reviewer : John
    Date : 12/5/2013
    Excellent products and customer service !! I highly recommend Boca Bearings !!
    Reviewer : Carl
    Date : 1/28/2014
    Just received my order. Very prompt delivery, order complete. Put set of bearings in Curado reel.

    Now my fishing buddy wants some.

    Thanks. Great product

    Reviewer : Carl
    Date : 2/6/2014
    Just received my order

    Very prompt delivery, order complete. Put set of bearings in Curado reel.
    Now my fishing buddy wants some.

    Thanks. Great product

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