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Fishing Reel Spool Pin Pliers are designed to make it easy for spool pin removal. Now it is a snap to remove the spool pin from a casting reel or any reel with a main spool shaft bearing. Boca's new Spool Pin Pliers are made from a special hardened alloy steel with anti-skid grips and a proprietary design to remove your spool pin in a few simple steps. the Video!
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18 Reviews
    Reviewer : Banks
    Date : 7/16/2012
    got my pliers yesterday. they are the ticket for taking those pesky pins out of spool shafts.I will be ordering the orange spool bearings soon for my abu winch reel. these pliers are 5 star.
    Reviewer : Jeremy
    Date : 8/8/2012
    I could not be more impressed with the service and quality of the products you have provided! My order was shipped out promptly and arrived quickly! Just in time for a fishing trip!

    I have searched the web and locally and you bearings and spool pliers are by far the best quality and are reasonably priced to match. I will certainly be ordering all my bearings and oils from you in the future and will advise my friends and fishing club to do the same.

    Thank you again for providing a service and products that are above the rest.
    Reviewer : Papa Chops; Rod and Reel Repair
    Date : 8/13/2012
    These pliers are fantastic! They are well designed and very easy to use. My recommendation, "Hit the spool pin with a shot of corrosion x before removing it. Finalize the replacement by cleaning the pin and pin hole before replacing the pin. Hit them both with another small shot of corrosion x. Finally, replace the spool pin with ease. Take care, and Keep Austin Fishing! Thanx Boca!
    Reviewer : Joao
    Date : 8/30/2012
    Hi Boca Bearing Company,

    I recieved my web order 20xxxx.

    you guys are spectacular.

    Thanks so much.
    Reviewer : Hisham rosli
    Date : 12/9/2012
    Received the pliers a few days back. Its very easy to used and well built i could say. Thanks boca
    Reviewer : GV
    Date : 1/8/2013
    These pliers make removing spool pins on bait casters a breeze and a decent price to boot. Great design and product.
    Reviewer : Jim
    Date : 1/14/2013
    Ordered my Pin Pliers on 01/10/13 and received them today. Used them already and they seem to work great.
    Reviewer : Alan
    Date : 2/25/2013
    I must say that the spool pin pliers are AWESOME!!! I have been doing reel repair for a long time, and these pliers could have saved me a lot of headaches and damaged spools over the years.
    Reviewer : Alan
    Date : 2/26/2013
    I have been using Boca Bearings in my reel supertuning work for several years now, some of you already know this as I have installed them in your reels. I recently ordered the spool pin pliers that they now offer, and they have already paid for themselves in less than a week. They make changing spool bearings so easy and trouble free. I no longer have to worry about damaging $150 spools by driving the shaft pins out with a hammer and punch. I highly recommend that you try these you will be very impressed.
    Reviewer : Jerry
    Date : 3/26/2014
    Great product and excellent customer service. Thanks!
    Reviewer : S, Vankirk
    Date : 7/25/2013
    Order was accurate and timely per Boca�s usual business practices. I will not use anyone else for my bearing needs.
    Reviewer : P. Davis
    Date : 7/25/2013
    I purchased the spool pin tool�just about the best idea since sliced bread. No more worries about buggering up the pin and having to order another whole spool assembly with a bearing installed that you were trying to replace in the beginning.
    Reviewer : Bennett
    Date : 10/28/2013
    I just got my order. I could not be more pleased. The fishing spool pliers worked flawlessly and the new bearings in my reel makes it cast like it is new again. A special thanks to Larry Aubain who helped me size the bearings for my particular reel in which was not in your database.
    Reviewer : Kendall
    Date : 1/15/2014
    Just wanted to give you positive feedback regarding my recent two orders��� Great service���. Fast shipping and quality products���� Looking forward to replacing all of the bearings in my reels to quality Boca Bearing products���.
    Reviewer : Scott
    Date : 1/28/2014
    Just received order that was placed on 1/24/14, Thank you for the very fast shipping!!!
    Staff at Boca bearings is very helpful.

    Reviewer : Brian
    Date : 5/6/2014
    Great product and easy to use for removing pin in spool!
    Reviewer : Doug Lowry
    Date : 5/9/2018
    Spool pin pliers origination  
    See my original design. Boca bought a few from me and then duplicated them.

    Reviewer : Cataldo
    Date : 2/13/2023
    Spool Pin Pliers not suitable for Shimano Ocea Jigger  
    Hello, I bought these pliers because some of my reels have a bigger spool pin and I couldn't use the usual screw tool. The shipment was quite fast and in any case on schedule. Unfortunately, however, when I received the pliers I realized that they were not suitable for the reel for which I had mainly purchased them (Shimano Ocea Jigger) as the pin did not have a suitable output match to the size of the pin itself and the opening of the pliers was not sufficient to press the pin with the pin of the pliers.
    I read on Boca Bearing website the warning that they could not be used on some reels but the Ocea Jigger was not included in this list. At this point I had to mill the exit hole and shorten the pin of the pliers. Of course I was very disappointed to have to modify my new pliers

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