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RC Helicopter Econo, metal shielded bearing kits are the most affordable way to replace stock bearings. These RC Heli kits have steel bearings that are packed in grease will require a short break in period to loosen up. Grease can be removed before shipping upon request.
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14 Reviews
    Reviewer : Nick
    Date : 8/13/2012
    Doing business with bocabearings was a pleasant experience. The bearings are great and shipping was fast!
    Reviewer : Anthony
    Date : 8/31/2012
    This was an excellent experience dealing with Boca,they had the bearings to me in 3 days and as always they are beautiful!!!
    Reviewer : Tony
    Date : 9/4/2012
    I just flew my heli after installing all new bearings and it completely eliminated the lateral shakes that have been plaguing the 130x heli, it flew so smooth I honestly didn't expect to feel or see such a huge difference I thought minor differences at best- I was really surprised!!
    Reviewer : Tony
    Date : 9/21/2012
    BOY these bearings are smooth! I received them in 2 days and installed in less than an hour, and my tail vibration, say it with me now��GONE!!! Love my BOCA BEARINGS!
    Reviewer : Tom
    Date : 10/18/2012
    I received my order for my blade 130x bearings, they work great! Much better than stock bearing! Thank you.

    I plan to order another set very soon.
    Reviewer : Dick Adams
    Date : 10/23/2012
    Before Boca packaged a complete set of bearings for the 130x, I ordered just the tailshaft bearings and joked to my friends that my self-destructing Blade 130 now had Rolls Royce tail bearings. That was a reference to their price, as buying just two bearings plus shipping cost about the same amount! As time went on and my beloved, but often cursed, 130 actually stayed in the air, that reference took on new meaning. I was so impressed with their bearings that I had to order their new package. Congrats, Boca! Dick Adams
    Reviewer : Dave
    Date : 11/6/2012
    Just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping and great quality o-rings.I will be buying more soon
    Reviewer : Pedro
    Date : 11/6/2012
    I would like to let you know that I have received your shipment last friday and I'm very happy with your extremely fast shipping, and even more with your products: I have just installed the bearings on my V120D02S and it's smooth as glass, less noisy and I guess the battery are running longer, I can't wait to install the Blade 130X kit on my 130X.

    Thank you for your awesome service.
    Reviewer : Dane
    Date : 11/7/2012
    Received my order today thanks for great service!
    Reviewer : John Goates
    Date : 11/10/2012
    The bearing replacement set made by BOCA is very likely the most important upgrade that you can do for this heli. It quite simply cures all vibration issues instantly without a bunch of useless mods, and wasted time. Thanks BOCA! I now get to enjoy flying my heli instead of trying to fix it!
    Reviewer : Tom
    Date : 11/26/2012
    Just got my bearings in the mail Friday, You have great service , fast shipping and a well set up website. I haven't installed my bearings in my 130x yet but can see that they are far superior to the stock bearings in every way. I plan on ordering more bearings for my other helicopters soon. Thank you.
    Reviewer : Yorick
    Date : 12/5/2012
    I just installed it and what a HUGE difference with the stock bearings, everything runs smooth and no noise at all! Shipping and service is superb. Questions are answered the same day and shipping took only 1 week to Europe with standard intl mail.
    Reviewer : Jeffrey
    Date : 2/6/2013
    I have 2 Blade 130X helocopters, after reading of your product on Helifreaks, I bought a set of bearings for one of my 103X's, I bought these on ebay, and I installed them as soon as I received them. The heli flies better now, the head speed is higher, vibrations are gone, the motor runs about 20 degrees cooler, and battery life has increased, same lingth flights same pilot, and battery has a higher voltage at the end of flight with your product installed. I then ordered a new set of bearings direct from your web site fast shipping and a great product.
    Reviewer : Dominic
    Date : 2/25/2013
    I received my order in only 4 days to Canada, I'm really happy because this bearing is a good quality and resolve my noise problem with my 130X.

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