UDL Dry Lube

UDL Dry Lube

UDL Dry Lube

Ultra Dry Lightning Lube LBT Dry Lube has been accepted and is widely used in many industrial applications since the 1960's. Our Ultra Dry Lightning Lube process is available for all metal parts and eliminates the need for using any grease or oil. Bearings, gears, chains and more can now be run completely dry, no more mess! Ultra Dry Lightning Lube can be used with all greases, fuels and oils to extend the life even further. Most radial bearing sizes can be processed for $15 each, and insert bearings for $30 each (Cup & Cone type bearings will have to quoted according to size.) For all other components such as gears, valve components, camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads and any other engine parts call with specs for a quote. Most Go-Kart chains, depending on size and length, can be processed for approximately $30. Larger and longer chains will have to be quoted.



  • Thin Film
  • Molecular Bonded
  • Controlled Air Impingement Process
  • Non Heat Cured
  • Retains Surface Finish
  • Maintains Original Dimensions
  • Bonds to Most Substrates
  • Does Not Migrate
  • Will Not Contaminate
  • Performs in High and Low Temperature
  • Mold Release Applications



  • Low Co-efficient of Friction (0.030)
  • Anti-Galling / Anti-Seizing
  • Wear Reduction
  • Compatible with other Lubricants, Fuels and Gases
  • Does Not Change Material Characteristics
  • Unique Surface Appearance
  • Use Where Other Lubricants are Unacceptable
  • Environmentally Safe


LBT Dry Lube:

  • Is an extensively modified lamellar composition of Tungsten Disulfide.
  • Molecularly bonds to most materials and platings.
  • Transmigrates into the molecular structure of the substrate and can only be eliminated by removing the bonded substrate.
  • Is inert, inorganic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and resistant to most fuels, solvents and acids. It is compatible with and enhances the performance of ALL oils and greases.
  • Can withstand loads to 350,000 psi (aprox. 2,450 MPa) and Working Temperature Range from -350° F to +1000° F (-188° C to +538° C) in normal atmosphere
  • Suited for Vacuum Environment Lowest outgassing amongst all dry film lubricants at -350°F to +2400°F (-188°C to +1316°C), even at 10 -14 torr (10 to the power of 14)
  • Friction freedom can reduce or overcome conventional lubrication problems, improving performance and/or extending service life.
  • Maintains the dimensional integrity of the substrate to within 0.5


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