Industrial Lube

Industrial Lube

Industrial Lube

"Industrial lubricants are oils, greases and other substances designed to reduce friction, binding or wear. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction or reduce electrical resistivity. Other industrial lubricants can provide sealing against moisture. Industrial lubricants are available in many forms such as low viscosity oils, high viscosity greases, waxes and solid lubricant powders. Lubricating oils often consist of natural oils, synthetic silicone oils, petroleum based compounds, or combinations with wax.

Industrial lubricants additives are chemical substances that are added to fluids to improve specific properties. Extreme pressure (EP) lubricants, for example, use active additives to provide a layer capable of withstanding high loads. Greases are thick, high viscosity substances that do not run off surfaces. Micro-dispersions are oils or lubricating fluids that contain solid lubricant particles in an oil base. Solid lubricants are designed to reduce friction, binding or wear; exclude water; or provide other special characteristics."

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  • Lightning Graphite Solid Lube

    Boca's exclusive Lightning Graphite Solid Lube is a mixture with the consistency of paste that is inserted into the bearing. The lube is then subjected to a computer engineered pressure and heat treatment followed by a precise run-in and finishing procedure. Operating temperatures from -250° F to 660° F with extremely low outgassing in vacuum applications. Low maintenance, low cost and decreased equipment downtime. This is used in environments where frequent washdowns or bearing submersion would normally cause traditional grease or oil to seep out of the bearing. 

  • Extreme Industrial Lubricants

    The Extreme Lubricants line is designed for some of the most demanding applications, high temperatures, low temperatures, moisture, wash-outs, dirty, dusty, and heavy loads. These extreme conditions can cause lubricants to break down causing premature wear on the bearings and other mechanical components. Excessive wear will lead to downtimes and repair costs. This line is here to solve those issues. 

  • Kyodo Yushi

    Kyodo Yushi Lubrication Authorized Dealer. The Boca Bearing Company is an authorized dealer for Kyodo Yushi lubrication. Kyodo Yushi is a lubricating grease product line offering both standard and highly specialized lubricating greases. Kyodo Yushi is considered a leader in grease technology especially with respect to urea type greases and low noise type greases e.g. Multemp SRL, Multemp PS 2, Multemp SB-M, Multemp ET-R etc. Kyodo Yushi greases are offered for increased reliability, quality, service and total cost.

  • Krytox

    The Boca Bearing Company is an authorized distributor for Krytox Lubrication. Krytox aerospace lubricants have demonstrated the broad applicability to replace hundreds of purpose-formulated conventional oils and greases throughout the aerospace and aviation industries through the state-of-the-art fluoropolymer technology of DuPont.

  • Lightning Poly Solid Lube

    Boca Bearing Company's exclusive Lightning Solid Lube (LSL) is available in two polyethylene versions. Lightning Poly Solid Lube is FDA & USDA certified that fills 100% of the bearing cavity while allowing the free rotation of all rotating elements and protecting the bearing from contaminants. Low maintenance, low cost and decreased equipment downtime. The solid lube process can be done to any of the bearings that we have in inventory or to any of your own bearings.

  • Kluber

    The Boca Bearing Company is an authorized distributor for Kluber’s specialty & food grade lubricants. With an extensive portfolio of NSF H1 & H2 lubricants, Kluber have the products to meet your needs. For food manufacturers, choosing the right lubricant is an especially tricky task. Not only do industrial lubricants come in many varieties and formulations, but food-grade lubricants must also meet a whole set of FDA and NSF requirements that other lubricants are not required to meet. As a result, choosing the proper lubricant for a food manufacturing application is critical.

  • Molykote

    The Boca Bearing Company is an authorized distributor of Molykote Industrial Lubrication. Molykote brand lubricants are born from centuries-old discoveries to solve the world's severe-duty lubricating problems. Designed for optimum lubricating and energy-saving solutions and supported by internationally recognized experts in lubrication products and services, Molykote is known and trusted worldwide. Constantly expanded into new, innovative lubrication technologies, Molykote is now respected globally with 60 Years of Smart Success