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Larry H: BPS Pro Qualifier PQX10HD
2015-09-23 10:25:32
More goodies from Larry H: BPS Pro Qualifier PQX10HD
2015-09-23 10:57:22
We're proud to sponsor such a positive racer. Way to take the qualifier by storm, Kevin! #PoweredByBocaBearings
2017-09-25 15:01:15
Jim demonstrates how to replace BPS Qualifierbearings. Following BPS Qualifier Bearings were used in this installation #FR-093C- OS LD
2013-05-06 17:19:01
Jader Lopez reseting TQ in the second qualifier for E Buggy with his Cobra Be 2.1 on round 3 of the Tri Track Spring Rush at BCRCS Mills Pond Park
2015-05-04 09:34:16
…reckoned with! David christened his new X-Ray T4 by burning past all of his 1st heat competitors in his first qualifier and Jessica finishing 7th overall! #PoweredbyBocaBearings
2016-08-09 16:15:36
…using the lightning lube. It works wonders in the transmissions.At this race I was Top Qualifier in all 3 classes and went on to pick up 2 A-main wins and a 3rd place!Thank you for…
2015-04-18 19:00:02
…friends in south GA. I was the top qualifier after the 1st qualifying round in 2wd SCT. I made a few setup changes during the 2nd qualifier and fell to 3rd position in the Amain…
2015-01-23 19:00:01
…not finish it.Second qualifier I TQ’d. In the Main I had a strong run, finished 1st and lapped the whole field twice.My EB48 also worked very well.I qualified 2nd overall. During…
2014-02-11 16:43:16
…Strickland RC Park in Daytona Beach, FL. In the Pro 4 class, I was the top qualifier in qualifying heats. During the AMAIN race I made a mistake on the first lap and was probably…
2014-03-31 14:22:12
…first round of qualifying. In the second round Kody finished 6th overall; the best round was the third round when my transponder wire broke. In the qualifier I was running great…
2015-06-05 19:00:01
…Regional race and a couple test and tune sessions. In the regional race I took top qualifier in both Quarter Scale Outlaw and Quarter Scale Body classes as well as wins in both…
2015-02-10 19:00:01