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Q: How do I remove my shields or seals?

remove a rubber seal use a pen knife or sharp pointed object. In most cases the rubber cannot be re-used. Here is an instructional video: How to properly remove shields and seals

Q: Can the seals be removed from lightning ceramic bearings for maintenance?

…the shields are removable for the specific bearing for your reel. You can take a look at this page on our website to see how to remove the shields.…

Q: Should I remove the shields or seals from my engine bearings?

…two rubber seals you should not remove them. These bearings have their own grease and can help stop oil leaks. If your bearing has two shields, we recommend you remove one of them.…

Q: The bearings I received have a green shield on one side and a black shield on the other. Should either of these be removed on the back bearing? What about the front? Are these colored differently to indicate direction or does this matter?

…bearing. The green seal is the one to remove to expose the open side. However, on the front bearing there is no need to remove either seal. Keeping both seals on offers better…

Q: How should the Orange Seal bearings be handled before being used?

…packed in grease or oil land you would like to clean out your bearings, you can remove the seals and soak the bearings in our Clean Touch over night. Blow the bearings dry the next…

Q: What kind of maintenance do sealed bearings require?

…you cannot extend the life of the bearing. When they start to feel gritty you can remove the seals and soak the bearings in our Clean Touch over night. Then you can re-lube them…

Q: Are the seals fixed or held in place by c-clips?

A: On the removable shields there are c-clips to hold them in place.