Special Offers

  • 99 Cent Bearing 10 Pack Store

    99 Cent Bearing 10 Pack Store

    99 Cent Bearing 10 Packs are the most affordable way to replace stock bearings with high quality standard bearings. Boca's Econo Power 99 Cent Bearings have long been the industry standard for backyard bashers the world over and are supplied in both a Sealed and Shielded version. All Econo Power bearings are packed in grease and will require a shor...

  • C-LP Engine Bearing Sale

    C-LP Engine Bearing Sale

    Ceramic Lightning Performance RC Engine bearing kits have a special heavy duty steel retainer that is designed to withstand higher nitro content. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, capable of achieving higher RPM’s and sustaining higher operating temperatures than traditional bearings. When selecting your Engine Bearing kit please check to be sure you ar...

  • Excess & Inventor's Stock Store

    Excess & Inventor's Stock Store

    No one carries more bearing configurations than Boca Bearings. From Concept to Production to Replacement, the Boca Bearing Company has over 20 years of experience in finding the best bearing solution for inventors and industrial projects. Below you will find a large selection of stock over-runs and discontinued items at a deep discount.

  • Hot Engine Bearing Kit Sale

    Hot Engine Bearing Kit Sale

    Huge Savings on the most popular RC Engine Kits!

  • New Ceramic Bearing Bike Sizes

    New Ceramic Bearing Bike Sizes

    SALE, Ceramic Lightning BK, rubber sealed & ultra sealed bearings are specially designed for use with motorcycles, road/mountain bicycles and other demanding applications. These bearings have ceramic balls, with stainless steel races, C3 fit and polymite retainers. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, capable of achieving higher RPM's and sustaining hi...

  • Unique Bearing Sizes

    Unique Bearing Sizes

    No one carries more unique bearing sizes than Boca Bearings. If you are having a hard time finding the size or style that you are looking for however, Boca’s new Custom Bearing program can build almost any size bearing to order, with many combinations of seals, shields, retainers and other features. Contact us direct for more information about our ...