Individual Sponsorship

The Boca Bearing Company believes in supporting dedicated athletes & enthusiasts. We feel these individuals are the best ones to help us spread the word and educate others about their sport of choice and the Boca Bearings product line. We have many objectives with the Team Boca Bearings sponsorship program aside from winning races and setting records. Boca Bearings team members are required to satisfy a brief list of requirements each year to be considered for sponsorship renewal or upgrade. We open the team up for new members at the end of the year and encourage you to send us your race resume by email in November of each year. Info@bocabearings.com

  • Fishing

    • Fishing Sponsorships

      Fishing Sponsorships

      Boca Bearing Company sponsors many anglers across the US and Canada. If you're on the pro tour as a tournament angler, or a dedicated enthusiast, Boca Bearings has a place for you. We are the industry leader in ceramic hybrid bearings for fishing reels, and also offer a full range of stainless steel options. We would love to help you cast farther, and catch more. Email info@bocabearings.com to inquire about joining our pro staff. Or apply by filling out the form HERE.

  • RC Car & Truck

    • RC Sponsorships

      RC Sponsorships

      Boca Bearing Company got its start selling bearings to RC Car and Truck racers/enthusiasts. Back then bushings were used almost exclusively, so bearings from Boca Bearings were a quiet way to get a big competitive edge. Today Boca Bearings is the industry leader in ceramic hybrid bearings, the new secret weapon for serious racers. We offer sponsorship racers and we would love to call you a part of the Boca Bearings team. Email info@bocabearings.com for more info. Or apply by filling out the form HERE.

  • F1

    • F1 in Schools Sponsorships

      F1 in Schools Sponsorships

      Boca Bearing Company sponsors many F1 in Schools teams across the globe. If you are looking to destroy the competition in your next F1 in Schools or CO2 powered race then our F1 in Schools bearings are just what you need. When used with your wheels, these bearings will provide superior performance. You can choose between ceramic hybrid and full ceramic bearings. Because CO2 powered racing requires the bearings to be as friction free as possible ceramic is the best way to achieve that end. Email info@bocabearings.com for more information. Or apply by filling out the form HERE.

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