Boca Bearings 3D Printed Spinner Competition

Boca Bearings 3D Printed Spinner Competition

Jun 16, 2017

Ben Flaum

In conjunction with Spin Space, a popular Facebook group dedicated to hand and fidget spinners, the Boca Bearing Company recently hosted a competition to see who could produce the longest spinning 3D printed fidget spinner.


The rules included creating a fidget spinner using any bearings at all, and a 3D printed body using ABS or PLA. Then making a video of the spinner with a phone or stopwatch next to it to show the spin time from start to finish. Spinning was to be done with 2 hands, either in hand or on a table, and without any other outside assistance.



The winner of the competition was Amaia from The Fidget Kid Pros. Amaia did an outstanding job, exceeding more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds with each of her spinners! The spinners were created using PLA and R188 steel bearings from Boca Bearings. Congratulations!