Boca Bearings Releases New Ceramic Hybrid Go Series

Boca Bearings Releases New Ceramic Hybrid Go Series

Mar 28, 2017

Ben Flaum



The Boca Bearing Company recently announced its latest iteration of bearings for radio control implementations, known as the GO Series. This new take on hybrid ceramic radial bearings utilizes two unique features.  


The first being that the Go Series offers hardened chrome steel races coupled with Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) spheres. The steel races enable these bearings to be taken to new heights on a ruggedized RC track, while the ceramic balls are a harder and lighter material that are not susceptible to corrosion. The combined result enables higher RPMs coupled with lower operating temperatures. 


The other unique characteristic of this design is the fact that these bearings utilize both rubber seals and metal shields. With each one having benefits, the choice is now up to the user. By installing the bearing so the rubber seal faces out, the bearing is better protected from dirt and debris from dirty off-road environments. For cleaner operating conditions, the rubber seal can be taken off to further reduce friction and the metal shielded side can be installed facing outward. By having one or no rubber seals, the friction that is normally associated with a rubber sealed bearing is reduced or eliminated.


Additional information and purchasing options for the GO Series can be found here.