Crossfire 3D Printed Quadcopter Part 2

Crossfire 3D Printed Quadcopter Part 2

Feb 24, 2017

Cory Oliver

Now that we're confident in our ability to print a solid frame that would work well, it's time to order the electronics. We used Hobbyking to source our parts, despite the notoriously slow shipping, since they had pretty much everything we needed at very reasonable prices. We aren't in a big hurry with this project anyway, it's about learning and having fun creating something.


The designer of this quad gives a list of suggested electronics which I used as a guide.


Our parts list is as follows:


Four AX-2810Q 750Kv Brushless Quadcopter Motors   -  $20.85 each


Three pairs of 10x5E carbon fiber props - $8.05 per pair

(the motors on a quadcopter spin in opposite directions to balance out torque. Two of them spin clockwise, 2 counterclockwise. This is why props come in pairs when you buy them, one spins one way, and one the other way. We bought a third pair to have an extra set just in case)


Four Turnigy Plush 40 amp electronic speed controllers - $22.20 each

(Speed controllers vary the amount of current sent to the motors, based on signals received from the flight controller)


Hobbyking KK2 1.5 flight control board with LCD - $29.99

(The "brain" of the quad. This will accept signals from the radio and drive the motors accordingly.)


KK2 flight controller

Turnigy nano-tech 4000mh 3 cell LiPo battery - $33.70


Turnigy 9x 9 channel transmitter with 8 channel receiver for controlling the quad - $69.97


On board LiPo low voltage alarm - $2.17


Four Hobbyking cool looking blue flashing strobes - $3.42 each


Electronics total = $384.52



All I need now to start really getting things together is a few minor (but crucial) items like connectors to build the wiring harness, some basic hardware to hold everything together, and of course to re-print the frame. I hope to pick up the parts locally this weekend. And at least crank out a few frame parts over the next day or two.


Stay tuned....