Scan-o-tron Project Introduction

Scan-o-tron Project Introduction

Apr 19, 2017

Ben Flaum

If you haven't heard of the Eureka Factory yet, you might not be paying attention. This is an incredible group of creative individuals and business partners who believe in the power of community-driven innovation to help people move from passive consumption to empowered and active creation. They have just recently organized Roboticon Tampa 2014, working hand-in-hand with FIRST to bring kids, teens, and parents together to work on, build, and compete with their robots.


Adding to their repertoire, the Eureka Factory has an ongoing major project. This project is called the "Hive", a 10,000 sq. ft. makerspace at John F. Germany Library in downtown Tampa that's having their grand opening on November 15th.


And now, they have rolled up their sleeves yet again to work on a very innovative project. In partnership with Boca Bearings, they have set out to construct The Scanotron!



Their build consists of an apparatus that will be able to scan a person's body, head to toe, 360 degrees, and transforms it into code compatible with a 3D-printer.



In short, that means that a person could potentially scan their own body then print a miniature version of his/herself!



Seriously, how cool do you have to be to have an action figure of yourself? We will be updating this blog as we go, so keep an eye on things here or on our social channels.