Autonomous Submarine Introduction

Autonomous Submarine Introduction

Jun 22, 2018

Michael Denny

autonomous submarine

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The objective of this project is to fabricate and test an autonomous scale model of the FAU human powered submarine. That can replicate the course laid out by the International Submarine Race (ISR) and the European International Submarine Races (EISR). 


Its purpose is to create a scale model of the human powered submarine at Florida Atlantic University. This model will allow for testing of different fin, propeller and hull designs without having to make the full-scale product then waiting to test in the ocean with a team of 5. The completed model it will be able to run in a 24-foot by 26-foot pool. To replicate the human input the propeller and fins will be powered by DC motors and controlled using an Arduino Uno. This project will allow for more designs to be tested and data collected which will increase the performance of the FAU submarine team. This project will have and test 6 ceramic bearings to see how they perform submerged and under a load force produced by the fins.  




  • Easliy removable hull from the main pressure vessel
  • The cability to keep its self strait
  • The cability to perform a U-turn
  • Stay within the confines of the test area
  • Only needing 1-2 people to test
  • Keeping the model under 2 feet long
  • 3D printed fins, propeller, and hull
  • Removable nose cone


Stretch Goals:


  • Capability to perform a Slalom
  • Record speed
  • Record pressure at nose
  • Fiberglass hull


Estimated Cost:


  • Arduino Uno: $22.00
  • Plastic endcaps: $20.00
  • Housing: $32.00
  • 3x DC motors: $30.00
  • Compass: $16.98
  • Aluminum for u-brackets: $5.15
  • Aluminum rod: $4.87
  • 6 volt battery pack Battery: $10.00
  • O-rings: $10.00
  • Hardware: $25.00
  • Mounting rods: $5.00
  • U-Joint x3: $48.00


‚ÄčTotal: $219


Time Line:


  • June 18th Design finalized
  • June 19th- 29th Mechanical Fabrication Done
  • July 17th-29th Electrical Done and Tested
  • August 1st-17th Testing and Fixes