Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 14

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 14

Jul 06, 2018

Michael Denny

Some final adjustments were made to the hull of the sub. Using Solid works the hull was thickened for strength and and holes were added for the fin rods and mounting plate that hold the two halves of the shell together. The Arduino Uno, battery, and motor holder were 3D printed along with the propeller and end caps for the pressure vessel. The LSM303DLHC compass arrived and the pins were soldered on. Now code can be written and tested for finding the heading and speed.


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Power Wheels Racer Project


workshop weekly   workshop weekly


I finished some of the 3D modeling and ran simulations for the weight of a human sitting in the chair. The test told me that the frame will hold a person with no deformation. Next I stripped the current car down to its chassis and marked out the cutting locations. Finally, Ryan and I cut the frame.


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