DIY Stunt Wire System - Part 1

DIY Stunt Wire System - Part 1

Jan 03, 2018

James Hobson

Love action movies? Wish that you too could leap tall buildings in a single bound?


For actors and stuntmen, it’s literally a day job. But for the average person, the closest you can get to feeling like a super hero is bouncing on a trampoline, going bungee jumping, or playing around in a gymnastics club.


But that's no fun!


But if you have enough ceiling space, we can show you how to make your very own stunt wire system! You too can feel weightless, see what it's like to walk on the moon, do a double or even TRIPLE back flip ... The possibilities are endless.



What is needed:


  • Kevlar rope - recommend 3 mm diameter (2000 lb load capacity)
  • Low Friction Pulleys - we made our own using grooved ball bearings from Boca Bearings
  • Regular pulley housing -- some kind of harness, preferably bungee
  • Weights


Estimated cost is around $250-500 depending on material sourcing.