DIY Stunt Wire System - Part 2

DIY Stunt Wire System - Part 2

Jan 05, 2018

James Hobson

Things are getting exciting! We've successfully built the first prototype stunt wire system with upgraded bearings from Boca Bearings! Assembly was quite easy, and we were off to the races to test this wacky contraption!


For our first test we used 55 lb weights on either side. Our test pilot, Ian, weighs 145lbs -- which means with the system in place -- he only weighs 35lbs! That's basically what you would weigh on the moon!



While the system worked, the harness was quite uncomfortable, so for the next part we'll be investing in some proper harnesses designed for bungee jumping. But during the testing we had some pretty funny moments, take a look at the blooper reel:



Stay tuned for the next update when we work out some of these kinks and improve the system!