Flytanium Butterfly Knife Bearing Tolerance Comparison

Flytanium Butterfly Knife Bearing Tolerance Comparison

Mar 30, 2018

Ben Flaum

Bearings are one of the most popular pivot hardware setups used in modern folding knives. The most common rival to a bearing driven knife is one that utilizes washers. Although washers are an economical option, they do not offer the same tolerance nor smooth flipping action that is permitted by bearings.


In this video we'll be comparing the tolerances of a Flytanium Butterfly Knife modified to operate on bearings, to one that utilizes washers.


In the case of this particular knife, the primary benefit of the use of bearings is the fact that the blade will not scrape the inside of the handles during flipping. This will enable a smoother feel during operation, and prevent long term damage to the blade.



The bearing driven variant of this knife requires 76 size 1 mm balls which can be purchased here:


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