Pi Zero Drone Part 9: Calibrating ESC Manually

Pi Zero Drone Part 9: Calibrating ESC Manually

Jul 19, 2018

Luke Ridley

pi zero


Each of the ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) on the quadcopter has to be calibrated to the RC transmitter signal so that the full range can be read on the quadcopter. To start the calibration procedure first ensure the following steps are done prior to ESC calibration.


  • Bind RC transmitter to receiver and calibrate the transmitter using the steps from blog post #8.


  • Disconnect ALL propellers from the quadcopter.


  • Disconnect any external power source i.e. USB cables from computer and Li-Po battery.


This method of ESC calibration is referred as the “All At Once” method. Here are the steps:


1. Turn transmitter on, and set the throttle to maximum


2. Plug in Li-Po battery


3. Wait for the 3 signal LEDs on the PXFmini to start light up in sequence


4. Once the LEDs illuminate, disconnect the battery. (Keep throttle at maximum!)


The ESCs are now in calibration mode.


5. Reconnect the battery and wait for LEDs to light up in sequence and buzzer will sound


6. Once buzzer and LEDs light up in sequence, move the throttle to minimum


7. You now have full control of the motors with new ESC calibration