TRAXXAS XO-1: Boca Bearings Install

Traxxas XO-1: Boca Bearings Install

Feb 14, 2018

M. White Reckless

It all started with my love for speed.


I love to drive as fast as possible. I started to receive speed tickets and that had to stop. The next best thing I figured out was RC racing.


I picked up my first Traxxas XO-1 and I was hooked. I got it up to 100 miles per hour but I wanted to go even faster. At this point it was time to build something better and I started the 150 mph project. This new XO-1 received all the bells and whistles.


I installed Castle Creations 1/5th scale ESC with A Leopard 1/5th scale motor. I used all 1/5th scale mounting products from High Gear RC. And batteries from Max Amps. I also went with 1/5th scale wheels from GRP and adapters from RC Hornet Products. Also it would never go this fast without using the Boca Bearings Lighting Kit for the Traxxas XO-1.


Check out the videos of the build:


Part 1: Wheel Knuckles, Center Drive Shaft and Crush Drive



Part 2: Steering and Differentials



Part 3: Front Assembly



Part 4: Rear Assembly



Part 5: Center Assembly



Part 6: Final Assembly