ASV Part 2

ASV Part 2

Jul 17, 2019

Marco Leo

I have also completed the overall wiring for the ASV. Shown below is the schematic Version 1. Right now it includes a sensor for detecting distances, 2 DC motors, and an H-bridge to allow the reversal spin of the DC motors. I am thinking of adding a servo motor to the sensor so it can detect objects not just directly in front of it. A few LED lights will be added as well as a hall switch to start the ASV. This will be shown in schematic version 2 when it is implemented.

I tested the wiring by running a simple code where the sensor would detect values and convert it to a distance. Depending on the distance, the motors would either run or shut off. In this case, the distance is 5 inches or closer for shutoff. Below is a video showing this. There is a small delay when an object gets within the range to shut the motors off. I am going to have to play with the code to accommodate for this, but other than that, it works as intended.