Football Thrower

Football Thrower

Jul 08, 2019

Andrew Kaye

This week I did much needed research on the design possibilities for the launching mechanism. I have concluded that I will create a catapult design to throw the football. This will use a spring stretched by a servo while another servo holds down the arm. Some technical drawings have been completed in order to get the dimensions down of each piece as seen below:



Technical Drawing for the body of the thrower

I have also CAD designed each piece to get a feel for the body and the base. The right arm, which will be used for the catapult was the main focus of the week as it is the most complex. I have completed a CAD design (as seen below) and will be 3D printing a prototype next week.

One of the biggest difficulties in the design is figuring how to 3D print the full sized design; however, I have confidence it will get done.  



CAD Design for the throwing arm