Football Thrower Part 3

Football Thrower Part 3

Jul 24, 2019

This week has been a busy one. I cut all of the remaining pieces for the body and the base with the X-Carve (as seen below). I sanded them as well to ensure a smooth plane of contact as well as a smooth outer wall when the pieces are attached. The only pieces left to cut are for the legs. On top of cutting the remaining pieces for the base and body, I had to make a fix to the front body plate as the X-Carve did not fully cut one of the sides. 


All of the base (top) and body (bottom) pieces

In addition, I printed two more pieces of the throwing arm, which completes the prints for that. This arm is coming out very nicely with the silk blue filament. 

I also did much needed research in regards to the wiring and coding of the entire project. Controlling this with an Xbox 360 controller will be a bit of a hassle in the coding phase, but it is definitely worth it.