Football Thrower Part 8

Football Thrower Part 8

Dec 17, 2019

Andrew Kaye

This week has been a busy one as I have created multiple designs for the metal encasing of the electronics and mechanisms. The first design was a strict rectangle in which I planned to attach to a pair of angled upright bars. The sketches can be seen below. 


realized that this isn’t practical as it is much easier to create an angular encasing than to attach one to angled bars. This design features a trapezoidal side view. The bottom will be parallel to the ground and the top will sit at a 60 degree angle. The sketches for the pieces can be seen below. 

After more consideration, I noticed that I could actually shrink the size of the encasing while keeping the mechanism the same. The sketches for this finalized design can be seen below. 
Additionally, after an inability to draw enough current through a potentiometer to control a 36 volt motor, I designed a system with a throttle. I removed the spring from inside a three-pin throttle and soldered on a new connector in order to create an easily maintained circuit. The finalized design show where this feature will be in the final product.