Pinball Machine

Pinball Machine

Aug 20, 2019

Andrew Potenza

I am making a completely custom-built Boca Bearings pinball machine. For the central processor of this build I will be using an Arduino Mega since it has the largest number of I/O pins out of the Arduino family. This number of pins is required due to the different game elements that need to send information back to the Arduino like the Pop Bumpers and the Rollover sensors. The flippers will be powered by a driver circuit that will have a capacitor to slow the current flow through the solenoids of time so that they do not burn out. This circuit is shown below. 


I also added most of the playfield based on online dimensions and other people’s CADs. Once I receive the physical parts next week, I will check them against the CAD to confirm the CAD is correct and mill the plywood on the XCarve. Pictured below is the playfield.



More updates to follow soon once parts arrive.