Pinball Machine Part 4

Pinball Machine Part 4

Oct 14, 2019

Andrew Potenza

This week I have focused on the playfield. I knew that manufacturing the playfield would be a challenge due to the fact that it is too big for our CNC cutter. Furthermore, I didn’t want to cut it into two pieces because then the finish wouldn’t be perfectly flush. So, I decided to split the code file into two pieces and cut one side, flip the board 180 degrees, and then cut the other side. This seemed to work pretty well as shown below.


The only problem with this was that I made the mistake of cutting the field flipped making the launcher on the left instead of the right. Normally, I would just flip the board but the CNC caused the back to not be smooth on the bottom as shown below.


So, after learning from my failures I was able to remake the playfield successfully.