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Powered by Boca Bearings - 4 Reel Services

Feb 13, 2020

Boca Bearings

We had the great pleasure to visit 4 Reel Services,  a local reel repair shop owned and managed by Captain Peter Bilardello.


As soon as you walk in you are greeted by Peter Bilardello the owner and manager of this very neat and well-organized repair shop.  With its clean display cases and well presented merchandise you get the feeling of being in a jewelry store as opposed to a reel repair shop.


Crystal Clear Display Cases 

Neatly Organized Display Cases 


All About Fishing 



Peter tells me that after he left the military he became an electrical engineer for over 40 years.  As a hobby he started fishing when he was 5 years old. He points to a rod resting on the corner wall and says, “I still have my first rod my dad gave me when I was 5.”   Fishing for Peter is second nature. 


Peter with his first rod he received from his father at age 5 



After retiring and feeling a bit bored Peter welcome the opportunity to be hands on again. 

He decided to open his shop after someone asked him to fix a reel.  Peter, always the perfectionist, did a wonderful job fixing reels that soon after many others brought in broken reels that needed fixing.  Now, he receives reels from all over the world. After 14 years in business, Peter remaining humble credits his few employees for the success of his shop. 


Peter with his great team 

Not only does Peter fix reels but about 5 years ago he  developed a multipurpose, multisurface, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly cleaning product that he adaptly named “4 Reel Cleaner”.  This product is sold in 8 oz bottles for $9.99 and 24 oz for $16.99. The spray is good for cleaning rods, reels, bearings, scuba gear etc. He gifted me a bottle which I am eager to try on my glass table. 


4 Reel Cleaners 



I asked Peter when he started using Boca Bearings, with a smile he said about 12 years ago! He proceeded to tell me that at the beginning he was only able to buy one or two bearings at a time, whereas now he buys them by the lot. Some of the  fishing bearings he purchases include:  SMR137-ZZC PS2 SMR689-ZZC PS2SMR115-ZZ #5 SRL, and SR6-ZZC SRI-2


Upgrading to Boca Bearing on a Shimano Talica 


He chose Boca Bearings for the superior quality of the bearings and for the premier customer service he has received throughout the years. While he appreciates everyone at Boca Bearings he has developed a warm relationship with Mike one of the owners at Boca Bearings.  Peter tells me that he enjoys talking to Mike as he knows pretty much anything there’s to know about bearings. It’s that expert knowledge that sets Boca Bearings apart from other shops, he states. 


Finally, I asked Peter what’s in store for the future.  He proudly tells me he hopes to continue to grow and to place more bottles of 4 Reel Cleaner in more national stores.



For more information about Peter and his shop please visit their website 

Captain Peter Bilardello

4 Reel Services Inc.

561 509 9055





Here is a 4 Reel Services produced YouTube video on  bearing replacement on a Talica