3d Printer Shrouds

3d Printer Shrouds

Aug 12, 2023

James Laumeyer

Recently things have been looking a little different around our 3d printer workstation. While we love our Prusa MK3 machines they do have one problem, they don’t have any shroud to keep the print warm. While this isn’t a big issue for PLA prints, it becomes a bigger issue as we get into PETG and ABS where the print temperatures required are a little hotter. In the past we had issues with these materials curling up around the edges and warping the part. By adding these shrouds, we are now able to keep the temperature up high enough to avoid the edge curling issue.

While prusa has diagrams online on how to build a shroud out of a pair of Ikea tables we opted to go a different rout here and use some leftover MDF and polycarbonate we had in the shop to save money. So far, we are very happy with these new additions to the shop and will post again if that changes.