A Fathers Day Blog

A Fathers Day Blog

Jun 19, 2022

Boca Bearings

As Father’s Day approaches here at BB we take this opportunity to honor all those great dads who have had a tremendous impact on their children's lives. 



We know it's not an easy thing to be the best father you can be, but just spending some quality time introducing and participating in hobbies with your children is a great start. This Harvard article explains “Many working parents also want the time they’re spending with their kids to be more meaningful. Developing a common hobby with them is a great way to carve out quality time and to make memories.” Remember, it’s all those core memories that help shape us into the people we are today. 



From our blog interviews, we have learned that many awesome people who are doing incredible things have learned/adopted their preferred hobby, business, or passion from their fathers.  A case in point is Millie Hart, a successful UK car racer who shared with us in her interview that “From a young age, I’ve always had a keen interest in motorsport. My dad raced when he was a teenager as well so you could definitely say that it’s in my blood!” A father’s guidance is paramount in a child’s development and success. 



Additionally, a selfless father’s action can make a huge difference and contribute to a memorable and amazing birthday for any child. After winning the Valen Bicycle in our BB@35 SweepstakesJoseph decided to gift it to his son, “I gave the T-Shirt to my Son Joey and the Bike to him for his Graduation present and Birthday they are only two days apart on the 10th and the 12th he is very very excited.” We are equally excited!



Boca Bearings has been in business for 35 years and throughout those years BB has been a witness of generational hobby enthusiasts.  Fathers introducing their children to RC Racing, Fishing, Bicycling, and even Motorcycling have reached out to us for quality and safety in bearing products. 



It has been a true pleasure for us to experience this, especially because Boca Bearings was founded by a father who also introduced his son to his passion for bearings and people.  



Moreover, our founder Allen Baum has instilled in his son Jason and everybody else in the team a true dedication to radical customer service. This is now a family tradition. 



Now, to honor the contribution of fathers, let's consider some research findings. Did you know that the presence of a good father allows children to: 


  • Perform better in school 
  • Demonstrate better psychological attitudes and aptitudes 
  • Attain higher levels of education and economic self-sufficiency. This especially noticeable in girls 
  • Experience less social and economic anxiety 
  • Have a positive take on life 
  • Make better partner choices 
  • Perform better in sports 
  • Enjoy hobbies 
  • Become better parents 
  • Developed healthy traditions 


Therefore, if you're a great dad, please accept our deepest gratitude for a job well done.  Whatever else you may accomplish in your life, in our opinion it pales compared to your role as a father.


From all the dads and kids (even if only at heart) at Boca Bearings we wish you the best Father’s Day!