Air Hockey: 3D Printed Part Reevaluation

Air Hockey: 3D Printed Part Reevaluation

Feb 09, 2023

Nicholas Cordero

As of right now, the air hockey machine is undergoing some 3D printed part reevaluation, as the original files for the project were not compatible with my version of the project. The original pieces are to go with the original dimensions of the walls used, but since I went with a different approach, the 3D parts that I already printed had to be adjusted and reprinted.


Despite this setback, I was able to work on the electronics and coding aspect and things are ready to be finalized and installed on the table. That being said, I won’t be able to install them until the rest of the parts are ready to go together and fit properly this time around.


To attack this problem, I made sure to not waste any more time and made sections of the parts that are to be replaced instead of printing the whole thing and potentially having the part not fit. After many trials and errors, I have finalized all of the parts and am currently printing them now. 



The walls I finished are going to be in a satin black finish with some carbon fiber trims, just to make things more interesting.