Andrew Kaye From UF Returns to the BB Internship Program

Andrew Kaye From UF Returns to the BB Internship Program

Jun 05, 2023

Andrew Kaye

I worked for Boca Bearing as a high school senior back in 2019 and 2020.   Since then I have gone off to the University of Florida and have worked on a few projects in class and outside of class. One of these projects was in the Design and Manufacturing Laboratory course that I completed in the spring semester of 2022. I worked in a group of 4 to design and create a robot that competed with other groups in class to complete a course the fastest. The course included ramps and 3 buckets, 2 empty and 1 filled with a mixture of golf and tennis balls. These tennis balls had to be collected and sorted in order to place the golf balls in one empty bucket and the tennis balls in the other. 


We spent 5 weeks in the design phase and 6 weeks building the robot. The design phase included hand drawings as well as 3D models and drawings designed with SolidWorks. The robot was made from aluminum round bar stock, 20 GA steel sheet metal, and 80/20 aluminum extrusion, and was controlled wirelessly with a control box and remote control that were given by our professor. Pictures are included below which show my robot completing the course successfully. 


I decided to come back to BB for the 2023 year because the internship program here is very robust and well recognized among schools. I also received a lot of support and I enjoy working with the BB team. 


Here are some pictures of the robot we built: