Go Kart Bumpers

Go Kart Bumpers

Aug 16, 2023

James Laumeyer


The go kart is rapidly drawing to a close we are dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s to ensure everything is in compliance for the power-wheels racing circuit. This week the cart has ticked one more thing off the checklist as it now has bumpers! These are required for both the protection of the cart and others, it’s a lot more forgiving to smack a 2x4 than it is to hit a 1” steel tube.


The rear bumper was easy just drill a couple holes and screw on a 2x4 we had, but the front bumper took a little more thought. With the front bumper we have all the steering linkages to worry about and clearance was tight. To keep everything happy we added a frontal kick out of 7.5” with a 3-degree angle up on the front this made it, so the bumper is not touching anything and protects all the mission critical components of the steering system. This bumper has already proven itself to work as one member of the boca bearing team already crashed it taking a corner a little too hot. Luckily there were no injuries to the cart or otherwise and everything is still operational. In all seriousness this cart can be squirely as we added front camber to help it handle better in the turns and a consequence of that is she can get a little wild in the corners and during braking if you’re not used to it.


Make sure you check in for future updates as the cart is rapidly approaching when it will have a body!